Oral sex: everything you want to know

What you should know about Oral Sex
Sex is an indispensable element in the life of living beings. For the human being, sex is more than the way we reproduce, it is a necessity for our physical and psychological well-being. Exploring your sexuality is practically an obligation, so you should not be afraid to risk experiencing all the sensations that your body is capable of giving you, alone and in company.

The options of a sexual encounter are practically endless, only your imagination can limit you. Among these options is oral sex, a unique and incomparable pleasure and over time, and from experiences, we learn to master the art, both receiving and practicing it.

First of all, what is oral sex? Well, this is nothing more than the erotic stimulation that is exerted with the mouth, using the lips, the tongue, the saliva and a little the hands as resources. When these elements come into contact with the genitals, the recipient experiences sensations that can be even more pleasant than intercourse itself.

But not only the one who receives finds pleasure, the one who practices it finds satisfaction in the act. Often, as women practice it, they develop greater and greater skill so that they both find a maximum level of pleasure on the spot.

It is common for many to have oral sex over anal sex or intercourse itself. It is an excellent way to warm up the occasion, ideal as a foreplay, but just as enjoyable as an independent penetration experience. However, it is also common that many people still have oral sex as a taboo, even considering it dirty or unpleasant. They definitely haven’t tried it. Hence the importance of opening up to every possibility of pleasure that comes our way and being able to decide later whether we really like it or not.

Know some curious facts about oral sex:

The word felatio comes from the Latin fellare which means to suck. This word refers to when a man is given oral sex, that is, it is a penis that receives the stimulation. Although it means “suck” includes much more, actions such as licking and kissing are part of the felatio.
A Double Felatio, or double fellatio is one in which two people participate in the stimulation of the same penis. While one licks or sucks the penis or the glans the other takes care of the testicles, and even the perineum. An extremely pleasant experience for whoever receives it.
The word cunnilingus comes from Latin cunnus, wedge, and lingus, language. This refers to when oral sex is practiced on women, that is, it is a woman who receives the stimulation. Although it is an exciting and pleasant activity, it is not common for women to put a lot of weight on it to climax. For them a cunnilingus is one more foreplay. For men it is one of the most stimulating, almost obligatory experiences in sex.
If you have not heard the word “irrumation” we will tell you what it is about, although you have probably already practiced it. The irrumation is nothing more than fellatio in which the one who exercises the movement is not the one who practices it but the one who receives it. In this situation the man moves the pelvis, so that the penis enters and leaves the mouth of his partner. It is an exciting situation for the man because he feels that he has control and power over his partner and over his pleasure.
And about Humming have you heard? Well, in this variant of oral sex, the practitioner emits a kind of sound or vibration, something like a buzz, which stimulates the genitals of the recipient differently. Included in the Kama Sutra, this practice, although it may seem strange, has existed for centuries and the sounds that stimulate the most can be tested until you know what you or your partner prefers.
How to prepare for oral sex

Whether it is your first time in life, your first time with a particular person or why you want to improve your experience, we share some tips that will help you enjoy the moment you receive oral sex, as well as make the experience pleasant for you companion.

The main thing, although it is very basic to say it, is hygiene. It is important that your private parts are neat, but be careful with this, you do not need to overdo it with cosmetic products, especially if they can change the aroma of your genitals. Remember that there is nothing more important than being natural and the smells of intimate parts are very stimulating for the couple.
Maybe you can be a little nervous, n

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